Order Cleanmail Phishing Test

This form is intended to support the order process for the Cleanmail Phishing Test.

Please contact us at sales@cleanmail.ch before sending us the order so that we can provide you with the necessary information.

Please provide the name(s) and role(s) of the person(s) who approved to conduct this test, and the date of the approval. The approvers must be aware of the risks and limitations of such a test. In particular, the approver(s) are responsible to be in the possession of the authorization to conduct such a test from a privacy law and regulation point of view.
Please select a type. You can use the notes field at the end for special instructions.
Please select the action users should (not) perform. For "custom", please provide instructions in the notes field at the end. We may contact you to specify in more detail.
Please leave empty if it should be started as soon as possible
It should usually run for at least two business days, but not for too long as rumours may spread.
Please attach a text or spreadsheet file. If the domain in question is handled by the Cleanmail Domain Gateway, it is possible to extract that data from log files.

Pricing for the Cleanmail Phishing Test is communicated and agreed before providing this order form to Cleanmail.


Privacy Note

The data provided by the customer in this order form are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Cleanamil AG, and the associated privacy policy, both of which can be accessed on the Cleanmail website at https://support.cleanmail.ch/.