Cleanmail  / Quarantine (Neu Swiss platform)


Cleanmail  Domain Gateway / Quarantine.. (old swiss platform)


Spamfree.ch / MyCleanmail.ch

Filter configuration: https://login.spamfree.ch/
New Webmail: https://exchangeincloud.ch/
Old Webmail: https://webmail.spamfree.ch/


End-users (Outlook Web Access): https://exchangeincloud.ch/
Administrators: https://admin.exchangeincloud.ch/

Hosted Exchange Appriver / Edgepilot

This is the older Hosted Exchange offering, sold until mid 2017.

Administrators: https://cleanmail.edgepilot.com/

Customers with their dedicated URL for Webmail need to use this URL. It’s usually composed like http://owa.<customer domain>/, i.e. something like http://owa.example.com/. If this URL does not work or is not defined, the generic URL https://exg7.exghost.com/ may be used.

SOGomail swiss platform

End-users (Webmail): http://cloud.sogomail.ch

Administrators: https://admin.sogomail.ch

Cleanmail MailServer Pro (old platform)

End-users (Webmail): https://v5.alinto.net/
Administrators: https://v5.alinto.net/factory/

Cleanmail Mail Archiv

Access for end-users, auditors and administrators using their sub-domain of “cmarchiv.ch” as specified in their activation documentation. Also, access is available at: https://cmarchiv.ch/