Configure Cleanmail CH (cmv5) for automatic user provisioning (O365/AD)

This tutorial describes the steps you need to do in both Cleanmail CH (cmv5) and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to configure automatic user provisioning.

When configured, Azure AD automatically provisions and deprovisions users to Cleanmail using the Azure AD Provisioning service.

For important details on what this service does, how it works, and frequently asked questions, see Automate user provisioning and deprovisioning to SaaS applications with Azure Active Directory.




Configuring Microsoft 365 for Cleanmail Sign+Encrypt v1

Please note that this documentation only concerns version 1 of the Sign+Encrypt service. Please contact our support team ( to set up Sign+Encrypt v2.

Please follow the steps in this document to configure your Microsoft 365 (Office 365) for Cleanmail Sign+Encrypt. You will also need the information in the activation e-mails which were sent to you.

If you have questions, please contact us at, or use the chat using the box in the bottom right corner.