Stricter rules for accepting mail with sender bluewin.ch

Mail from senders with the domain bluewin.ch is rejected with the following error message:
Forged sender domain from this server

This means that this mail was not delivered via the official Bluewin servers. Bluewin determines by an SPF entry from which servers legitimate mails with sender bluewin.ch should come. Cleanmail has so far accepted mail with sender bluewin.ch from any server, but now implements the Bluewin specification. With this measure sender falsification and phishing attempts are prevented.

The recipient can not circumvent this rejection by creating an entry in the white list. Instead, the sender must use the correct outgoing mail servers operated by Bluewin. You will find the necessary information in the Swisscom Help Center. If you have any questions about the configuration, please contact Swisscom support or your local PC supporter.