Platform change for your Cleanmail security service

Alinto operates several types of email security, anti-phishing and anti-spam platforms.

The Quar platform (https://quar.cleanmail.ch) you are currently using is reaching the end of its life cycle and we are migrating domains to Cleanmail, a more modern platform that keeps pace with new security threats.

How will this affect you?

For sovereignty reasons, our Swiss customers will continue to be hosted on a resilient infrastructure in Switzerland.

An intuitive, more modern dashboard will allow you to monitor traffic, logs and quarantines.

In addition to the historical services, a free backup webmail is available. This webmail, which can be deactivated on request, has a minimum retention period of 7 days, allowing you to continue working in the event of a mail server failure, and offers the possibility of redistributing a recent email that may have been deleted.

You can personalize Cleanmail’s operation through customizable and granular policies.

Recommended security policies are available by default in the administration:

Standard policy with quarantine reporting

  • Emails considered spam with a score of 5 are delivered to quarantine;
  • Newsletters with a [PUB] tag are delivered to the recipient’s inbox;
  • A quarantine report is emailed to every user daily at 09:00;
  • From this email, secure direct access to quarantine and backup webmail (retention) is possible.

Policy without quarantine report

  • Identical settings, but the user does not receive a quarantine report.

These policies can be tailored to your specific needs and quarantine reports can be scheduled to run once or twice daily, weekly or monthly.

Compared with Quar, Cleanmail requires the creation of user accounts.

We’ll import all known addresses from Quar and ask you to verify them:

  • Identify and delete obsolete addresses
  • Identify alias addresses

If you have a large number of accounts (> 100), you can send us an export of your email addresses and aliases and we’ll import them for you. This will save you time and effort.

Global reporting mails (on Cleanmail tenant)
For each domain held in Cleanmail, there is now a “Reporting” section in which you can create the following reports:
– Report on the global quarantine of the tenant’s domain(s).
– Report with statistics on received emails (clean, spam, virus and rejected emails).
The frequency of the e-mail reports can be set and the reports can be sent to an external e-mail address of the domain.

How much does the migration cost?

There is no charge for migrating to Cleanmail.

Will there be any service break?

No, there will be no service interruption.

How will the migration process work?

One of our service managers will contact you via our ticketing system.

You will be given your administration access so that you can familiarise yourself with the new environment before going live.

In some cases we may ask you to authorise a subnet (Cleanmail’s IP range) on your server/firewall to allow incoming traffic to pass through to your mail server.

If you’re using the outbound scanner option:

You’ll need to change the DKIM key on the DNS zone, which we’ll let you know about. SPFs will not change from Quar. We also recommend adding a DMARC record, which will be sent to you upon request.

Our service managers will be happy to answer any questions you may have and make sure everything runs smoothly. Thank you in advance for your warm welcome.